Te Whenua


Ongare Trust administers two working orchards. This includes the original Ongare Point orchard known as Ongare, and our newer orchard in Kauri Point Rd known as Te Whanake. The primary operations on these orchards are kiwifruit and avocado production.

Ongare Point

Photo of Ongare Point orchard looking out to the harbour

Kiwifruit-growing has been the main activity since this orchard was developed 36 years ago. Canopy hectares total 12.53. Hayward makes up 8.29 ha with the Gold variety covering 1.91 ha. Non-producing are 2.33 ha.

The kiwifruit and avocados are managed and packed by Seeka Ltd. Areas of the orchard are identified by names of our tupuna, i.e. Kimi Ngahoro, Hohi, Monikoura, Makere and Enoka which is being converted to organic.

Te Whanake

Photo of Te Whanake orchard undergoing improvements

This smaller orchard at 10 Kauri Point Rd by the main highway was purchased in June 2016. There 1.74 canopy hectares of Hayward and 0.44 ha G3 Gold variety.

To connect this orchard with the larger Ongare Point orchard, the tupuna name Te Whanake was chosen as its title.

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